Warranty Policy

Thank you for using YACCA products. YACCA is committed to providing high-quality products, each of which has undergone quality testing and is guaranteed not to have material and workmanship defects within the specified period on the packaging.

To make it convenient for you to use YACCA products and to alleviate any concerns you may have after purchasing our products, YACCA will provide you with quality services and offer after-sales repair services in accordance with the “YACCA Product Warranty Policy.” If there are hardware failures within the warranty scope, you can apply for warranty through the YACCA official website, service hotline, or email, with your purchase invoice as proof.

Warranty Scope:

This warranty is only applicable to the original purchaser and is non-transferable.
Our warranty applies only when the product is used for the purposes specified by YACCA and explicitly excludes defects caused by improper use, use beyond the product’s intended purpose, or accidental or indirect damages. This warranty explicitly excludes damage to the interior goods when storing or carrying YACCA products.

Warranty Period:

The warranty period and service method vary depending on the specific product. For our fishing reel battery, within the normal warranty scope, the warranty period is one year from the date of purchase. If you cannot provide a purchase invoice, the warranty period will start one month after the YACCA manufacturing date as recorded.

Warranty Service:

If your YACCA product encounters any defects or malfunctions during the warranty period, please contact our customer support team. We will assess the issue and determine whether to repair or replace the product.

Proof of Purchase:

To make a warranty claim, you need to provide proof of purchase, such as a sales receipt or order confirmation.

Warranty Time and Shipping:

YACCA strives to achieve quick repairs for products under warranty. Normal repair time is less than 15 business days (excluding shipping time). The return shipping costs to the customer will be covered by YACCA. If special shipping is required, please contact YACCA’s after-sales customer service.

Non-Warranty Repairs:

If the product issue falls outside the warranty scope, we may offer repair services at the customer’s expense.
The following situations are not covered by the warranty:
(1) Beyond the warranty period.
(2) Accidental damage during transportation, including damage that occurs during return transportation (please contact the insurance company or the transport agent for compensation).
(3) Any faults or defects caused by improper use, intentional damage, scratches, product deformation, electronic component damage, improper operation, incorrect testing, or external factors (including overheating, excessive humidity, power outages, power surges, earthquakes, lightning, fires, natural disasters, etc.) during the warranty period that are not related to the product’s inherent quality issues.
(4) Surface damage, and wear and tear on the appearance caused by dust and dirt in the customer’s usage environment.
(5) Hardware failures resulting from unauthorized repairs not conducted by YACCA or authorized dealers.
(6) This limited warranty does not cover packaging materials, consumables, non-YACCA manufactured products and accessories, and compatibility issues with other hardware and software not specified by YACCA.

Customer Support:

Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have about YACCA products. Please feel free to contact us through our website, email, or other designated contact channels.
Email Address: youyi@fishing-battery.com