Return Policy

Part 1:

YACCA customers can receive a full refund if returned within 14 (fourteen) days of receipt from

A full refund will be given when the product provided is returned with the product needing to be:

Be in perfect condition
Be in its original packaging
Include all documentation (invoice, shipping label, etc.)
Include accessories, manuals, etc.
A letter mentioning the reason for the return.

Part 2

Please note the following points:
Customer’s responsibilities include.

– Ensuring that the address is filled in correctly and completely so that the package can be safely delivered to YACCA (packages with only a shipping address but no mention of the company name may be lost by the courier or may not be delivered correctly)

– The item is securely packaged and insured for the full purchase price.

YACCA is not responsible for lost or damaged packages.

In addition, Battery Boutique is not responsible for the cost of return shipping to our facility.

Part 3

Returns will be processed by YACCA as soon as possible. It will take 7-10 business days from the time YACCA receives your package to the time of refund. Upon receipt and inspection of the product, YACCA will contact you by phone or email to confirm receipt of the product. After inspection, if there are any questions or issues regarding the conditions of the return, we will notify you at that time.

Part 4

Any returned items that do not meet our return terms (see Section 1) will not be accepted and will be sent back to the buyer’s address. In order to avoid damage to the manufacturer’s original labeled packaging, customers must outsource the merchandise they return to YACCA. Please do not write on, place labels or stickers on the manufacturer’s original packaging. This requirement will not apply if YACCA ships the item to you when it is not overpacked, as is sometimes the case with larger items; however, in such cases, please do not write on or otherwise mark the original packaging except for the return shipping label.

Returns will not be accepted after thirty (30) days without prior approval from YACCA management; YACCA will work with customers who have special circumstances, especially with respect to gifts, but reserves the right to refuse returns after the thirty (30) day period has expired.

Part 5

In the extreme case that you may receive the wrong item from YACCA , please contact us by phone or email. We will arrange for the item to be picked up and we will ship the correct item to you after the original incorrect item has been delivered to us. If YACCA is at fault, Customer will never pay additional delivery charges.

Part 6

If you receive an item that you believe is defective, please contact YACCA immediately with proof of the defect (photos, video, etc.) and we will arrange to pick up the item as soon as possible. Once the item is returned to our address, the item will be replaced.

If the item is returned for a refund, the standard return policy (Part 1) applies

Part 7

Regardless of the reason for the return, at any time Customer must notify YACCA in advance, rather than wait until after shipment has been made.

Part 8

With respect to returns of products under warranty (6 months), Customer may return merchandise for technical service.

Products under warranty cannot be refunded, only repaired or replaced with a new product. Courier charges for returned products will be borne by the customer and courier charges for repaired/replaced products will be borne by YACCA.