Solar Power Generator 100W 150W Portable Power Station


Product name:Portable power station
Model Number:YAT80
Battery Type:Lithium-ion battery
Inverter Type:Pure Sine Wave
AC Output Power:100W, Peak 150W
Output Power Range:24000mAh



Introducing our innovative Portable Power Station, a reliable and environmentally friendly solution for uninterrupted power supply. With complementary backup power capabilities, this device allows you to harness solar energy during the day to charge its 86.4Wh capacity, ensuring you have power whenever and wherever you need it.

Complementary Backup Power:
Utilize solar panels to charge the power supply and devices like mobile phones during daylight hours. The stored power can then be accessed when sunlight is not available, providing a dependable backup during stormy days or at night.

Uninterrupted Power:
Say goodbye to worries about power outages disrupting your home or hindering important work. Our Portable Power Station ensures uninterrupted power for various devices, from lights and mini-fridges to essential electronics like CPAP machines, laptops, and cell phones.

Environmental Friendly:
Harness the natural and potent energy of solar power with our solar generator. Acting as a sustainable “electricity supply bureau,” it allows you to tap into free solar energy, emitting almost no harmful substances during use. This green and eco-friendly energy solution is perfect for environmentally conscious living.

What You Get:
A portable power station with an impressive 86.4Wh capacity, providing you with a reliable source of power on the go. No more concerns about power shortages – keep your outdoor adventures powered and enjoy the convenience of always having energy at your fingertips. Embrace the future of energy with our solar-powered Portable Power Station.

AC Output Power
100W, Peak 150W
Output Power Range
Controller Type
QC3.0 Support, Solar Panel Charge, LED Display,cigarette lighter
Output Interface
DC, Type C, USB/DC
Input Interface
DC,Solar panel,PV
Tested and Certified
CE, FCC, RoHS, PSE,UN38.3, Shipping AIR report
ABS+PC Waterproof Material
Socket Standard
US, EU, UK, JP, Universal
OEM Customer’s Brand
Product Size
Emergency Energy Storage
Over-discharging, Short Circuit Protection, Over-charging
LED light
Lighting + SOS (Front+Rear Light)

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portable power station solar generator100w

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