professional metal detector Upgraded Adjustable Detectors


Product name:Underground Gold Detector
Power supply:9V Battery
Display:LCD Screen
Detection type:Gold . Silver. Jewlery
Search Coil:12inch
Sensitivity:25cm(for a us quarter coin)



The TX-960 High Sensitivity Professional Metal Detector is designed for underground metal detection and is suitable for gold detection. It is equipped with an IP68 waterproof coil and a large backlit LCD display, making it easy to use in a variety of environments. With high sensitivity and fast response, the detector can accurately identify and display metal objects, eliminating junk metals, allowing you to focus on finding valuable items. Its height-adjustable design is suitable for adults and children, making it an ideal choice for family adventures and professional treasure hunting.

Key Features

[High Accuracy and Quick Response]Identifies metal objects directly displayed on the LCD screen, with features to discriminate unwanted metal targets.
[Adjustable Volume and Sensitivity]Settings can be easily adjusted, similar to using a mobile phone.
[Detectability] Can detect a coin-sized object at a depth of about 12 inches and larger metal objects at several feet.
[LCD Display] Shows probable type of metal, target depth, DISC range, sensitivity level, operating mode, and battery indication.
[Three Tone Audio Discrimination] Provides distinctive tones for different types of metal.
[DISC Function]Allows users to ignore junk metal and focus on valuable items by setting the DISC range.
[Pinpoint Function (P/P)]Pinpoints the exact location of the detected target.
[Headphone Jack]3.5mm jack for connecting headphones.
[Waterproof Search Coil] Can be used underwater, but the control housing is not waterproof.
[Height Adjustable]Suitable for both children and adults, enhancing comfort during use.
[High Sensitivity]Alerts with sound and light when metal is detected.
[LED Flashlight] Additional holder for a high brightness LED flashlight for night searching.


[Material:]ABS + Aluminum Alloy
[Detection Depth]Standard detection depth is 25-35 cm for 25 cents; maximum depth is 1.5 meters.
[Detectable Objects] Metals including gold, silver, jewelry, coins.
[Frequency] 8.2KHz
[Power Supply] 1 * 9V 6F22 Battery
[Indication Modes]LCD and Sound Mode
[Sensitivity]Adjustable across 8 levels
[Search Coil Diameter] Approximately 12.32 * 12.91 inches
[Adjustable Height of Detector]Approximately 42.52-51.18 inches
Package Size and Weight: Approximately 56X38X16 cm and 3.1Kg

Additional Features

[One-touch Easy Operation] Suitable for both beginners and experienced users.
[Beautiful Design] Differentiates it from other detectors.
[Coin Depth Indicator]Indicates coin depth in 2-inch increments.
[Ergonomic Design] Adjustable stem and armrest for comfort and reduced effort during use.
[Ground Balance Adjustment]In ALL-METAL mode for different environments.
[Strong Anti-interference] Minimizes errors due to micro metals in different environments.
[All Metal & Discrimination Mode] Allows detection of all metal types or specific metals by removing unwanted ones.


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