Metal detector with high precision LCD display


Product Name:Underground metal detector
Sensitivity depth adjustment:Adjustable from 0-99 levels
Battery:Charging 6-8 hours
Length (adjustable):1.06-1.29m
Audio Adjustment:Level 3



Experience enhanced data visibility with the large LCD display screen, providing clear readings of essential data such as phase value, phase division, working mode, current charge, sensitivity, depth, and prompt volume. The comprehensive display ensures effortless monitoring and control.

The waterproof search coil allows seamless operation in water, guaranteeing durability and versatility in various environments. However, while the search coil is waterproof, please refrain from submerging the host in water to prevent damage.

Select from multiple modes tailored to different purposes, including metal mode, iron removal mode, Jewelry mode, relic mode, and single mode. This versatility empowers users to choose the mode that best suits their detection needs.

Designed for convenience and portability, this lightweight metal detector is wearable and comes with a dedicated backpack, enabling effortless transportation to any desired location.

Simple installation procedures make it accessible to users of all levels, whether novice or experienced treasure hunters. The user-friendly installation process ensures quick setup without hassle.

With versatile applications including gold prospecting, desert detection, military use, safety inspection, archaeology, and more, this metal detector proves its worth across a spectrum of scenarios, catering to diverse needs and interests.

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