Metal Detector for Adults Professional Double-D Waterproof


Product name:Metal Detection Machine
Application:Treasure Hunting
Function:Deep Gold Detector
Usage:Gold Hunting
Detection type:Gold . Silver. Jewlery
Power supply:Built-in battery



Superior Detection Capabilities
Featuring a 28cm waterproof DD coil, the DiscoverX 3000 harnesses electromagnetic pulses with exceptional depth penetration. The larger coil size ensures wider coverage per sweep, enabling swift ground coverage. Its double D configuration creates a broad electromagnetic field, facilitating precise target pinpointing.

Three Professional Modes
Navigate effortlessly through various terrains with the detector’s three professional modes:

ALL METALS: Detects and notifies you of any metal, allowing exploration for various metal objects.
DISC: Eliminate low-value metals like iron, optimizing your search for high-value targets.
PINPOINT: This mode enables precise target localization, producing louder signals as you near your discovery.
Intuitive Backlight LCD Display
The heartbeat of your exploration experience lies in the intuitive LCD display. Revealing the frequency of detected objects, approximate depth, and sensitivity adjustments, this display ensures clarity day or night, thanks to its backlight feature.

Comfortable & Adjustable Design
Customize your detecting experience with the adjustable stem (67 to 135 cm), suitable for both kids and adults. The ergonomic rubberized handle and extended forearm rest ensure comfortable handling during prolonged use. Additionally, the detector is headphone-compatible, perfect for beach explorations where the waves’ noise might obscure signals.

Exceptional Support & Assistance
We believe in not only delivering an exceptional product but also offering unparalleled support. Our dedicated customer service team is ready to assist you at every step. For any queries or issues, feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to ensure your detecting adventures are seamless and enjoyable.





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