halloween wall decor DIY 3D PVC Bat Stickers 88 Pcs


Item Dimensions LxWxH:11.8 x 3 x 0.01 inches
Room Type:Home, Office, Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Bathroom



Introducing our Bats Wall Decor – a captivating ensemble of 88 DIY 3D bat decorations that are poised to elevate your Halloween ambiance. Crafted from high-quality PVC, these bat stickers come in 4 different sizes, offering endless creative possibilities for both home décor and indoor party setups. Each package is thoughtfully equipped with double-sided adhesive, ensuring seamless application.

Unleash your artistic flair with the DIY potential of these bats. The wings are ingeniously designed to be foldable into various angles, allowing you to achieve remarkably lifelike flying postures that add an authentic touch to your display.

Experience unmatched versatility with our bat stickers. While perfectly suited for walls, they transcend conventional limits, effortlessly adhering to doors, glass surfaces, closets, wardrobes, refrigerators, bookshelves, and any other smooth canvas you wish to transform.

Simplicity meets efficacy in application. With the inclusion of upgraded double-sided adhesive, worries of them slipping away are a thing of the past. Effortlessly attach the adhesive to the back of each bat, affixing them securely to your chosen spot without hassle.

Bid farewell to concerns about removal. Peeling the bat stickers off walls or windows is a breeze, as they leave no damage or residue behind. Your surfaces remain unblemished and pristine, maintaining the integrity of your space.

Crafted from resilient, waterproof polyvinyl chloride, these bat decorations are built to endure. Their sturdy composition ensures they stand the test of time, even when faced with varying conditions.

Curious about their longevity? These bats will remain steadfast as long as they find purchase on a suitable wall texture, gracing your space with their allure throughout your desired duration.

Embrace sustainability with our reusable bat decorations. Should you decide to feature them in multiple settings, acquiring new adhesive squares for the back is all it takes to enjoy their charm anew.

Elevate your Halloween décor with the Bats Wall Decor collection. Transform your surroundings into an enchanting haven of festivity, capturing the imagination of all who encounter it. Secure your order now and embark on a journey of creativity and atmospheric transformation.

halloween wall decor

bats wall decor


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