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Glowstick Light Up Halloween Toy Party Pack

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  • The Ultimate Pack for Night Time Fun-This package includes light sticks and connectors, 7 vibrant bright colors (red, blue, green, pink, purple, yellow, and orange). Glow in the dark adults and families.
  • Fun Party Accessories: Fun glow sticks, suitable for neon parties, black light party supplies, birthday, football party supplies, independence day, 4 july, july outing, glow party, concerts, weddings, dance parties, fireworks show, Cinco-De-Mayo, movie in the park, school classroom prizes, treasure box, carnival, pinatas. And, fun in the bathtub, bars, camping trips, will have fun at your party or event, will make your party more attractive.
  • Long-lasting Neon Glow Party Supplies: After activation, these cool glow sticks will be at their brightest for 8-10 hours, then slowly fade away. If the sticks don’t crack / activate, you can keep them long enough until your next party. Glow lasts longer in cold weather, it is brighter when hot.
  • Safe Glow Toys: Quality child-safe, non-toxic, water proofing materials. These bulk neon glow party supplies are made with durable and flexible plastic and can be used as regular or twisted glow bars on glow necklaces and bracelets by using glow bars on your hands and fashion on rings to use with bottles Soda like makeshift ring tossing games at backyard carnivals and birthday parties.
  • Notice: Have fun at the glow-in-the-dark party with professional glow party supplies from TURNMEON. Our online store also has other glow party supplies. Like LED glasses, glow light, bracelets and rings.


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