Electric Reel Battery 14000mAh DN-1700NS 14.8V

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1,DC14.8V 11600mAh Large capacity Lithium Reel Battery for Shimano Daiwa.
2,size: 213x104x45mm/1.0Kg
3,Voltage: 14.8V (Rated 14.8V/Maximum 16.8V) (USB port: 5V)
4,Package Included: Battery, Charger, Carry Bag, Manual



1.14000mAh 14.8V Lithium Battery & Charger Set/for Electric Fishing Reel/Max Capacity and Downsizing
2.It is a fishing reel battery that can easily meet the large power demanded by Shimano’s strongest “Beast Master” and Daiwa’s strongest “SEABORG”

32 reviews for Electric Reel Battery 14000mAh DN-1700NS 14.8V

  1. fernando cabrera

    I purchased this battery as I was tired of replacing electrical cords to fishing reels that would corrode after a season or 2. With the direct connection to a Diawa fishing reel no worries about corrosion or having to secure alligator clips to the boats battery. Battery was able to last a full day for grouper/snapper fishing off the NC coast, Highly recommend!

  2. mecanica kosssmann

    customer Service has been on point with me replacing the batteries I will buy again from them in the near future.

  3. jin Shim

    So much power in such a small package. Has lasted all day on deep drop fishing and makes it easy to move around the boat. So much better than carrying a big battery around.

  4. Jeremy Short

    It works as advertised and price is nice ,too.

  5. Smith

    great price, easy to use, exactly as advertised.

  6. Simon

    I like its appearance, but I didn’t use it now. Hope it will work for a long time

  7. stephen Kwok

    All good, delivery very fast. Thank you sellers.

  8. Abhishek Singh

    I think this price is very valuable and the texture is OK.

  9. Zarbakht Murad

    The power is sufficient and the performance is excellent!

  10. Usman Javaid

    The battery will be recommended to buy to friends

  11. Inna Kerzhner-Haller

    A very satisfying shopping, I recommend

  12. Sebastien Moreau

    Small and easy to carry, the weight of the product is not heavy, and if you put it in the bag, there is not much weight,

  13. Krishna Kant Yadav

    This product is very convenient, large capacity

  14. Boris Tsenter

    It’s a good battery! The price is cheap, recommended by a friend.

  15. Glas Tek

    The battery life is long, durable, the quality is guaranteed, the price is low, it is worth buying, and the packaging this is strict.

  16. Boris Monahov

    The quality is very good, the packaging is very high, the logistics is also fast, very recommended

  17. Andrew Nixt

    The power is very good. I am very satisfied!

  18. Jayeshkumar Patel

    I haven’t bought batteries on the internet before,but I ‘ve verified this battery, quality is good,

  19. Seftiawan Wawan

    The price is very reasonable. Although originally worried about quality problems, after receiving the baby and opened the package, I got rid of all concerns ~ will come again. The quality of the product is very good

  20. Vignesh Kumar

    The battery has already been received. The package of the package is very strict. I started using the battery. The price is very resin right. If you use it up, we will buy it again!!! Customer service satisfaction, Courier is OK! All well received!!

  21. Pooja Tiwari

    Battery capacity is large,at present, no quality problem has been found.

  22. Nihat

    The battery is very well used and the electricity is very long. It is well packed. I’ll come again.

  23. Pete Medlin

    I look forward to using the battery for a few days so that the battery is sufficient and durable, and the price is low. Great reviews!

  24. Sahil Shah

    Price can be better, battery is good

  25. Oli Nurmawan

    Very fast shipment time.

  26. Ayi Muharam

    Seller is very nice and helpful. The products are as described. Will definitely buy again

  27. Wahidh A

    I ‘ve been using it all day today after I received it safely. I was very satisfied. thank you

  28. Faisal Saifi

    The battery is good. I’ll buy it again next time

  29. Peter Bexley

    Product as the picture

  30. Niketa Dayana

    Looks good. We will test the durability

  31. Bambang Pranoto

    Good packing. good items .

  32. Salvatore Maggio

    There are no complaints about the seller and the product, I recommend it to everyone.

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