Door Wreath Hanger For Front Door Metal Over Hook


product name:Wreath Hanger
Mounting Type:Door Mount
Item Package Quantity: 1,2,4



Crafted from premium high-quality steel, our over-the-door hanger sets a new standard for both functionality and aesthetics. With an impeccably smooth and clean surface treatment, it boasts a lightweight and remarkably thin design that doesn’t compromise on durability.

🚪 Unyielding Strength: Our hanger stands as a testament to sturdiness, resisting bending and ensuring a long-lasting companion for your door and door frame. Rest assured, your precious doors remain unscathed while adorned with wreaths and decorations.

🚪 Secure and Dependable: Experience peace of mind like never before. With a robust hook that confidently holds up to an impressive 10 lbs, say goodbye to the fear of your cherished wreaths slipping off unexpectedly. Your decorations will be showcased with grace and unwavering stability.

🚪 Tailored to Perfection: With dimensions of 15″ x 2″ x 1″, our hanger strikes the perfect balance between length and convenience. Designed to fit most doors effortlessly, it ensures a seamless integration with your living spaces.

🚪 Celebrate Every Occasion: Elevate your festive spirit with our versatile over-the-door hanger. Whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, or any holiday in between, our hanger is the ideal canvas for your decorations. Embrace the joy of celebrating in style, with the perfect platform for showcasing your creativity.

Experience the fusion of strength, sophistication, and endless possibilities with our Over-the-Door Hanger. Elevate your home decor to new heights and celebrate each holiday with unmatched flair. Discover the art of seamless decoration today!

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Item Package Quantity

1, 2, 4


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