DC14.8V 12800mAh DN-1700NS Fishing Reel Battery

(9 customer reviews)


1,DC14.8V 12800mAh Large capacity Lithium Reel Battery for Shimano Daiwa.
2,size: 213x104x45mm/1.2Kg
3,Voltage: 14.8V (Rated 14.8V/Maximum 16.8V) (USB port: 5V)
4,Package Included: Battery, Charger, Carry Bag, Manual



1,Protection circuit, overcurrent protection, overcharge prevention, overdischarge prevention
2,Suitable for 99% electric take-up reels, Four colors available.
3,LCD liquid crystal display function (Voltage, Power).
4,This product is constructed by ABS high-strength shell, the thickness of the shell is as high as 4mm at the thickest part, the whole product structure is strong and reliable.
5,The power interface of this product is made of 316 corrosion-resistant stainless steel, which resists seawater corrosion.
6,The battery has two USB ports, and you can also take the battery outdoors to charge your smartphone, The highest capacity can charge iphone more than 10 times.

9 reviews for DC14.8V 12800mAh DN-1700NS Fishing Reel Battery

  1. Anthony Kungmok

    Yes, and the capacity of the battery is very large. Two to three days of full charge will be fine.

  2. Joona Vuontisjarvi

    This battery is super good ~ repurchase many times, customer service is super ~

  3. Maurice Smals

    It’s good. It charges quickly and has great battery life.

  4. Kenneth Garden

    Logistics is very fast, service attitude is very good, things are also satisfied, the second time to buy, recommend.

  5. Shelby Vastine

    The price is very fair, things are perfect, the quality of the goods is very good, the packaging is good, received the goods are very satisfied, give the business a good comment!

  6. Shawn Lavigne

    The personal feeling is so-so, but the after-sales service is good.

  7. Iyad Houston

    Just received the battery, I like the color and style.

  8. Rrustem Kapica

    The charge is fast and the battery works well.

  9. Shanjeev Blige

    Has not been formally used, of course, looking forward to a good effect in the future use process.

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