daiwa shimano electric fishing reel battery14.8V 20Ah


Material:Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Fishing Tips Deap:Sea Fishing
Product weight:2500 g
Special features:Anti-slip
Model name:DN20A
Product dimensions:122*57*234mm



Unleash the power of precision with our 14.8V 20Ah Fishing Reel Battery, crafted for 99% of electric reels and spinning reels on the market.
Designed with an ABS plastic body and rubber protective cover, safety is paramount. Featuring 5 protection circuits, including charge, discharge, power, short circuit, and temperature protection, ensure worry-free angling.
The USB charging interface not only powers your reel but also your digital devices.
With a widened 55MM electrode, accommodate 3-4 electric clamps and enjoy versatile angle rotation.
Elevate your gear with our customizable battery, supporting logo laser customization for a personalized touch to your fishing experience.

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