Daiwa 14Ah 14.8V Electric Fishing Reel Battery

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14000Mah 14.8V ELECTRIC REEL BATTERY SUPER LITHIUM For Shimano Beastmaster 9000
Lithium Batterries for Sea Fishing Vessels and for Electric Fishing Reel Lithium Battery . Compatible for Daiwa Shimano Tanacom Battery pack.



When fishing on a boat with an electric reel, you can afford to fish for a whole day! The electricity fully charged in this battery cannot be used up in one day.
Also, because it has a high power of 14.8V to 16.8V, the reel winding speed is faster than its rivals! The USB port has a rubber cap to prevent foreign matter from entering. However, it does not have a waterproof function.
Therefore, when using it on a ship for electric reels, it is recommended to waterproof it in advance to prevent seawater from entering in case of emergency

2 reviews for Daiwa 14Ah 14.8V Electric Fishing Reel Battery

  1. Chamkin Kostyantyn

    It is good for fishing trips, can be used for a whole day!

  2. Fernando Alves Vilela

    Have tested for a trip. Best ahh this battery. It’s easy to get around the boat

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