cute lamps for Tabletop Christmas Tree with LED Lights


Color: Birch Tree
Tabletop Christmas Tree
White Birch Tree with LED Lights- Set of 2
Warm White Small Tree Lights Battery Powered Timer
Lighted Tree for Mantle Christmas Decor

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🌳 Natural Beauty Illuminated: With an overall height of 2FT and a 4 inch x 4 inch base, our Lighted Birch Tree stands as a symbol of understated elegance. Bedecked with 24 warm white LED lights, it effortlessly infuses any space with a simple yet enchanting Christmas atmosphere.

⏰ Timeless Illumination: Discover enhanced functionality with our updated switch featuring on/timer/off options on the base’s top. Activate the timer mode to enjoy 6 hours of illuminated brilliance followed by an automatic 18-hour rest. Watch your birch tree gracefully light up your surroundings at the perfect time, every time.

🔋 Cordless Radiance: Powered by 3 AA batteries (not included), this birch tree becomes a beacon of light without the hassle of cords, wires, or outlets. The convenient on/off switch guarantees effortless use, enabling you to place it anywhere your heart desires.

🌿 Customizable Delight: The birch branches offer adjustable versatility, allowing you to craft your desired shape and adorn the tree with lightweight pendants. From Valentine’s Day to Easter and beyond, this birch tree becomes a canvas for your creativity, adding a touch of elegance to every occasion.

🏠 A World of Warmth: Beyond special occasions like Christmas, Mother’s Day, and birthdays, our charming birch tree decor holds the power to transform your living space. Whether gracing your home, bedroom, dining room, fireplace mantel, or enlivening a lively party, it conjures a cozy and inviting atmosphere that radiates warmth.

Elevate your decor with the enchantment of Lighted Birch Trees. Embrace its graceful radiance and timeless charm, making every moment a celebration of light and elegance. Delight your loved ones or indulge in the ambiance it offers – experience the magic that lies within simplicity.


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