Christmas Tree Topper Snowman Hugger


Size :14.5″*21.6″*23.6″
Christmas Tree Topper Snowman Hugger
Xmas Holiday Winter Wonderland Party Decoration



🌨️ Perfect Measurement: Standing at 14.5″ in height, the Snowman’s friendly face becomes an endearing holiday focal point. His welcoming arms stretch a merry 21.6″ in length, while his scarf adds a cozy 23.6″ of festive charm.

🧣 Quality Materials: Crafted from durable polyester and sturdy metal, this Snowman Tree Topper guarantees both longevity and festive elegance. Its careful construction ensures a delightful addition to your Christmas decor for years to come.

🎄 Festive Placement: Elevate your Christmas tree decoration with our Snowman Tree Topper. Placed atop the tree, he exudes cheer, wrapping his long arms around it in a warm and festive hug. Watch your tree come alive with his contagious merriment.

⛄ Pose with Personality: With a hidden iron wire in his arms, you’re free to create your own custom poses. The Snowman’s head and hat are designed to stand up tall when placed over a branch, creating an irresistible and lifelike look. If your branch needs a boost, a little stuffing can do the trick.

🎉 Perfectly Coordinated: Pair our Snowman Tree Topper with other Christmas party supplies and winter decorations to weave a tapestry of festive charm. Create an enchanting atmosphere that resonates with the spirit of the season.

Add a touch of whimsy to your Christmas decor with the Joyful Snowman Tree Topper. Whether perched atop your tree or accompanied by fellow decorations, his festive embrace brings warmth and joy to your holiday celebrations. Experience the magic of the season with this delightful addition to your festivities.

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