Christmas Stockings 18 Inches Large Size


Color:Ivory White,Burgundy,Burgundy&Ivory&Green&Grey,
Burgundy&Ivory&Green&Khaki,Ivory White&Burgundy
Size:Length 18″,Pack 4



Introducing our Christmas Stockings Set – a delightful collection of festive charm and practicality! This 4 Pack of Christmas stockings is the perfect addition to your holiday celebrations, offering both ample space for gifts and an enchanting touch of holiday decoration. Measuring a generous 18” in length and 5” in width, these stockings are designed to impress.

Crafted with care, our Knit Christmas Stockings are a blend of classic design and quality craftsmanship. The intricate cable knit pattern lends a timeless beauty to each stocking, while the Twist style weaving pattern evokes a cozy and warm sensation, setting the perfect holiday ambiance. Crafted from soft and elastic acrylic fabric, these stockings are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional, capable of holding a multitude of gifts.

The options are endless with our Wide Applications stockings. Their ample size makes them suitable for holding various small gifts, from candies and chocolates to watches, folding wallets, ties, gift cards, and even small toy cars. But their utility doesn’t end there – these stockings are equally adept at serving as eye-catching Christmas decorations. Hang them with ease on stocking holders, fireplace mantels, walls, doors, or any other creative spots in your home, farmhouse, window, or even your hotel.

A gift in themselves, our Perfect Christmas Gift stockings bring warmth and delight to both children and adults, creating a special festive atmosphere, especially within families. With spacious interiors, they provide a wonderful space for stuffing a medley of small gifts. Surprise your child, friends, family, or colleagues with these stockings, creating moments of joy and cherished memories. Let these stockings become a part of your holiday traditions, infusing your space with the magic of Christmas and leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all.

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Ivory White, Burgundy, Burgundy&Ivory&Green&Grey, Burgundy&Ivory&Green&Khaki, Ivory White&Burgundy


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