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Cartoon Character:Bird
Surface Recommendation:Glass



Introducing our Anti-Collision Window Bird Stickers Decals – a solution designed to protect and preserve both birds and your windows. Crafted with care, these decals offer a simple yet effective way to prevent bird strikes while maintaining the integrity of your space.

These bird stickers decals serve as a proactive measure against bird and people strikes. By installing them, you create a visual barrier that helps birds recognize the presence of glass, preventing unfortunate collisions.

Constructed from durable PVC, these decals are your solution to keeping our feathered friends from crashing into picture windows. The material ensures an optimal combination of visibility and effectiveness, making it easier for birds to spot and avoid the glass surfaces.

Installation is a breeze – simply peel off the backing and stick the decal to your window or door. The process is quick and hassle-free, ensuring you’re up and running in no time. For best results, we recommend placing the decals on the outside of the window. However, if reaching the exterior isn’t feasible, you can opt to place them inside, though the effectiveness might be slightly reduced.

By reducing accidents involving our winged companions, these decals contribute to their well-being and protect against window breakage. With a long-lasting self-adhesive backing, they are the perfect fit for smooth glass doors and windows.

Elevate your space with the thoughtful addition of our Anti-Collision Window Bird Stickers Decals. Transform your windows into a safe haven for birds while preserving the aesthetics of your home. Secure your order now and make a difference in the lives of our avian friends.

window decals to prevent bird strikes


window decals to prevent bird strikes

window decals to prevent bird strikes

bird deflectors for windows

bird window strike prevention


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