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56 PCS Reusable PVC 3D Decorative
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Elevate your Halloween festivities with our Reusable PVC 3D Decorative Scary Bats Wall Stickers – the quintessential Halloween decorations for both indoor and outdoor parties. This essential Halloween supply pack includes 56 striking pieces, complete with Double Sided Foam Tape for hassle-free installation.

Must-Have Halloween Accents: Transform your Halloween decor with these impactful 3D bats. With a diverse range of sizes that deliver a powerful visual punch, these bats add an element of eeriness while maintaining a captivating simplicity. Achieve that elusive creepy yet subtle Halloween ambiance with ease. These meticulously designed bats are your go-to for creating the perfect spooky atmosphere that you desire. Adorn your walls for an instant Halloween scene that’s bound to impress.

Adorable and Effortless Placement: The 3D bats are a brilliant addition to your Halloween decorations. These charming embellishments come with an ample supply of adhesives, making installation and removal a breeze. Unleash your creativity as you arrange the bats, adjusting their wings to emulate the appearance of different bats flapping at various times. Enhance the 3D effect by gently folding the wings. Before applying, ensure the surface is impeccably clean, and don’t forget to attach at least two adhesive pieces to the larger bats for optimal stability.

Versatility for Every Space: Whether you’re looking to deck out your windows, walls, table, fireplace, kitchen, yard, or mantle, these 3D bats are the ultimate Halloween embellishments. Elevate your space with an infusion of eerie charm, creating an atmosphere that’s both cool and spine-chillingly scary. These Halloween party decorations hold the power to transform any area into a hauntingly festive setting.

Package and Reusability: Each pack boasts an impressive collection of 56 PVC material bats, meticulously crafted to amplify your Halloween decor. The set includes 16 big bats measuring 30cm x 7.5cm, 16 medium bats measuring 20cm x 5cm, 16 small bats measuring 12cm x 3cm, and 8 smaller bats measuring 8cm x 2cm. With boundless possibilities for arrangement, these bats are resilient and can be saved for future Halloween seasons, thanks to their sturdy, reusable design.

Elevate your Halloween experience with our 3D Decorative Scary Bats Wall Stickers – the definitive choice for an eye-catching, spine-tingling Halloween transformation.

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