AirMD Smart Bluetooth Metal gold detector

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Produce Name:Air Metal Detector
Model Number:MD-99
Display:connect with cellphone
Features:Complete wireless
Type: The Smart Bluetooth Metal Detector
Power supply: Magnet port for easy coil charging



 Air Metal Detector

The Air Metal Detector is a newly developed product featuring a lightweight design, weighing only 900g. This professional device is wireless and foldable. Unlike traditional metal detectors, it transforms your smartphone into a control center. The AMDetector mobile app has a simple interface with both basic and advanced modes. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, you can easily use it to find valuable metals like coins, jewelry, gold, electronics, and in-wall wiring. The Air Metal Detector is perfect for treasure hunting, archaeology, and security checks. With advanced software and your smartphone’s computing power, it can distinguish between different types of metals, helping you avoid unwanted items.

Air Metal Detector: The Smart Bluetooth Metal Detector. Air md airmd


  1. Completely wireless design, no more tangled wires!
  2. Supports Bluetooth 4.0, allowing simultaneous connection to your smartphone, headphones, and smartwatch.
  3. Multi-tone alerts for different metals.
  4. Lightweight and foldable design, making the detector easy to carry anywhere!
  5. Integrated app tutorials for easy and simple learning.
  6. Advanced metal discrimination algorithm helps you find gold and ignore other metals! Includes preset programs for coins, large treasures, beach detection, and more.
  7. Pinpointer mode for locating your treasure with up to 0.5-inch accuracy!
  8. Ground balance auto-adjust algorithm increases sensitivity by 30% in complex soils.
  9. Magnetic charging port for easy coil charging.


Air Metal Detector: The Smart Bluetooth Metal Detector. Air md airmd

Technical specifications

Battery: 900 mAh
Coil size and type: 9.5 inches/DD
Coil battery life: 10-12 h
Frequency: 7.5 kHz
Metal detector type: IB VLF
Signal processing: Digital
Wireless module: Bluetooth 4.0
Wireless connection distance: up to 30 ft. (10 m)

Air Metal Detector: The Smart Bluetooth Metal Detector. Air md airmd

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