Adjustable Kids Metal Detector with Display LCD 7.5 Inch


Product name:Gold Metal Detector for kids
Model Number:MD-1015 Kids Metal Detector
Power supply:2*9V Battery
Sensitivity:>10cm for a US quarter
Search Coil:170mm waterproof
Display:LCD Display



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Engage your child in thrilling outdoor treasure hunts with the MD-1015 Metal Detector. Perfect for sparking their curiosity and love for exploration, this tool is excellent for educational purposes in history and science. It combines fun and learning in a practical and engaging way.

Adjustable Length

The length of this metal detector’s pole can be modified from 25 to 32 inches, making it perfect for children aged 4-8 of different heights. The included wrist strap and padded armrests ensure it is comfortable and easy to handle.

Simple Controls

The MD-1015 is designed with user-friendly controls that are easy for kids to understand and operate. After inserting the battery, move the detector side to side, parallel to the ground. When metal is found, the LCD will display darts and the device will beep and vibrate, indicating it’s time to dig.

kids metal detector

High Sensitivity

Equipped with a 7.5-inch search coil, this metal detector is highly sensitive and capable of detecting even small metal objects. This feature ensures that your child can uncover hidden treasures effortlessly.

Accurate Waterproof Coil

The search coil is 7.5 inches,which makes metal detecting more sensitive.The Waterproof stem and coil(the control box is not waterproof) allow you to explore in the water/in the river or on the beach.Perfect for finding metal objects and anywhere that hidden metal.(Iron nail, iron covering, aluminum ring,small aluminum product,coins,gold,bronze,silver)etc

Kids best gift Metal Detector MD-1015 beginner metal gold detector for children outdoor toy


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