How To Choose Electric Fishing Reel Batteries

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Holiday outings on the sea often involve the enjoyable pastime of fishing. Not only can you have a delightful vacation, but you might also reel in some impressive catches. Let’s explore various types of electric fishing reel batteries to help you resolve any confusion in your selection process.


As of today, the DN20A stands as our latest production of an electric fishing reel battery at Yacca. In terms of appearance, the body of the DN20A battery is black. Additionally, it ditches the traditional black waterproof bag, opting instead for a red rubber sleeve on the battery body, giving it a more stylish and elegant look.

Product Details:

Dimensions: 12257234mm
Weight: 1.7kg
Battery Type: Lithium Battery
Shell Material: ABS + Silicone
Metal Parts: Copper, Stainless Steel
Rated Voltage: 14.8V
Charging Voltage: 16.8V
Operating Temperature: Discharge: -10-50; Charging: 0-40
Storage Temperature: -20*-50°

Product Features:

Lightweight Design:
Constructed primarily with ABS and silicone, weighing only 1.7kg, it’s convenient for carrying and usage.

Multifunctional Design:
Equipped with an LCD liquid crystal display, providing real-time dual display of power voltage. Also furnished with a high-precision LED power and voltage detection system, ensuring a safer and more reassuring fishing experience. Two USB output ports allow simultaneous power supply to two electronic devices, alleviating the burden of carrying multiple charging devices.

Safety Protection Design:
Incorporated with an independent IC control chip, it includes functions such as overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, short-circuit protection, overcurrent protection, temperature alarm, low-voltage alarm, and high-voltage alarm.

Rust-Resistant Design:
Featuring an extra-wide rust-resistant terminal design, capable of withstanding corrosion from seawater, thereby extending the battery’s lifespan. It can also power multiple electric reel units. Note that due to the strong corrosiveness of seawater, it’s advisable to wipe the battery clean with a dry towel after each use.

Wide Compatibility:
The DN20A battery is compatible with various brands and models of electric fishing reels, compatible with Daiwa, Shimano, and other types of fishing line spools. The following models are available for reference: Daiwa TANACOM 1200, 1000 Bull, 750 Bull, 500, 500A, 500S, SEABORG 600, 600MJ, 600J, and many more.


GN-20F is a powerful lithium battery designed for electric fishing reels, boasting the following features and advantages:

Dimensions and Weight: With dimensions of 220*105*48mm and a weight of 1.5kg, GN-20F is conveniently sized for portability and easy installation.

Battery Type and Parameters: Utilizing a lithium battery, it operates at a rated voltage of 14.8V and a charging voltage of 16.8V, ensuring efficient charging and stable output.

Waterproof Rating: With an IP66 waterproof rating, it reliably functions in moist environments, making it suitable for outdoor use.

Rustproof Design: Featuring 55mm wide electrodes and employing multiple layers of galvanized anti-corrosion technology, along with an aluminum alloy rustproof shell, it enhances durability and corrosion resistance.

LED Lighting/SOS Functionality: Equipped with 24 high-brightness LED lamp beads, it supports one-key LED lighting and SOS signal functions, providing convenient illumination and emergency signaling.

Efficient Charging and Long-lasting Battery Life: It charges fully in approximately 4 hours and can sustain 1-2 days of continuous usage after a full charge, ensuring prolonged usage.

Compatibility: Compatible with various electric fishing reels, including Daiwa TANACOM series and SEABORG series, offering a wider range of applications.

Overall, GN-20F battery emerges as an ideal choice for users of electric fishing reels, thanks to its high performance, durability, and multifunctionality. Users should ensure regular cleaning and charging to maintain battery performance and longevity.


Size: 213*104*45mm
Weight: 1kg
Battery type: lithium battery
Case material: ABS+metal
Metal parts: copper, stainless steel
Rated voltage: 14.8V
Charging voltage: 16.8V
USB output: DC 5V USB*2 Maximum output current 2000MA
Charging voltage:DC16.8V CC/CV Lithium Battery Charger
Output Power:Maximum 450W Rated 300W
Power display:LCD liquid crystal display

The DN-1700NS electric fishing reel replacement battery features a high-strength ABS shell, making it durable and reliable. It is available in four colors: white, black, blue, and yellow, to suit your personal preferences. With a rated voltage of 14.8V, it is compatible with 99% of the electric fishing reels and e-yarn car winders on the market, ensuring broad compatibility and practicality. The high-precision LED power display function allows you to monitor the battery level at all times.

The product also includes a USB charging port, providing convenient charging for your digital devices. Additionally, it has a built-in LED SOS emergency light that offers continuous illumination for 150 hours, providing light and a distress signal in emergency situations.

The fully customized design includes five types of protection circuits: charge protection, discharge protection, power protection, short circuit protection, and temperature protection, ensuring comprehensive safety during use. We also offer logo laser engraving customization services, making your product more personalized and professional.

Choose this versatile and high-performance electric fishing reel battery to bring more convenience and safety to your daily life and work.

DT series

Size/Capacity: 41*41*115mm/3500mAh47*47*125mm/5000mAh41*41*180mm/7000mAh47*47*195mm/10000mAh
Battery type: lithium battery
Case material: ABS+metal+aluminum
Metal parts: copper, stainless steel
Rated voltage: 14.8V
Charging voltage: 16.8V
Power display:LCD liquid crystal display

In today’s rapidly evolving fishing technology, electric fishing reel batteries have become an essential piece of equipment for fishing enthusiasts. The DT series fishing reel battery stands out in the market with its excellent performance and portability. It is 23% smaller than similar models, with a 30% larger battery capacity, making it easy to carry and an ideal choice for every fishing enthusiast.

High-Quality Materials and Rust Prevention Design
The DT series battery is made of an all-aluminum alloy material, featuring a rust prevention design. The custom IC main control chip provides comprehensive protection, including charging protection, discharging protection, power protection, short-circuit protection, and temperature protection, ensuring safety and stability in various environments.

Rigorous Quality Control
To ensure product quality, each DT series battery undergoes more than three strict inspections by the factory’s quality control department before delivery. This rigorous quality control process guarantees that every battery meets the highest quality standards, giving users peace of mind.

Product Features
Powerful Performance: The DT series electric fishing reel battery provides reliable and long-lasting power, keeping your reel running smoothly throughout your fishing trip.

Wide Compatibility: This battery is designed to be compatible with a wide range of fishing reels, ensuring seamless installation and optimal performance.

Portable Design: With its compact and lightweight design, this battery is easy to carry and transport, making it perfect for anglers who are always on the go.

Durability: The aluminum alloy rust-proof casing ensures the durability and reliability of the DT series electric reel batteries, performing excellently even in harsh marine environments.

The DT series battery is compatible with various popular brands of electric fishing reels, including but not limited to:

Daiwa Electric Reels:

TANACOM 1200, 1000, 750, 500
SEABORG 600, 500, 300
LEOBRITZ 500, 400, 300, 200
Shimano Electric Reels (2-Pin Power Plug Only):

BeastMaster 9000, 6000, 3000, 2000, 1000
ForceMaster 9000, 6000, 3000, 1000
Plays 4000, 3000, 600, 400
Plemio 3000
Please note that the DT series battery is not compatible with Shimano 6-pin power plug electric reels, Banax Kaigen electric reels, and Miya Epoch electric reels.

Warm Tips
Due to the high corrosiveness of seawater, please wipe the battery with a clean towel after each use.
If not used for a long time, it is recommended to charge the battery every month.
In summary, the DT series electric fishing reel battery, with its superior performance, excellent quality, and portable design, is the best choice for fishing enthusiasts. Whether you are a professional angler or a recreational fisherman, you will benefit from the smooth and enjoyable fishing experience it provides.

New DT Series Fishing Reel Batteries with Power Display
The latest DT series fishing reel batteries come with a convenient power display, allowing you to easily monitor the battery level. Available in four different capacities, these batteries offer reliable performance at various depths, making them ideal for diverse fishing conditions.

Battery Performance by Capacity and Depth
3500mAh Battery with Power Display

30 meters depth: Approximately 100 uses
50 meters depth: Approximately 70 uses
100 meters depth: Approximately 40 uses
5000mAh Battery with Power Display

30 meters depth: Approximately 150 uses
50 meters depth: Approximately 100 uses
100 meters depth: Approximately 55 uses
7000mAh Battery with Power Display

30 meters depth: Approximately 200 uses
50 meters depth: Approximately 140 uses
100 meters depth: Approximately 80 uses
10000mAh Battery with Power Display

30 meters depth: Approximately 300 uses
50 meters depth: Approximately 200 uses
100 meters depth: Approximately 120 uses
These new DT series batteries are designed to provide long-lasting power, ensuring your fishing reel operates smoothly across different fishing depths. Whether you need a battery for shallow water fishing or deeper sea expeditions, there is a DT series battery to meet your needs.

⭕DL series

Battery type: lithium battery
Case material: ABS+metal
Metal parts: copper, stainless steel
Rated voltage: 14.8V
Charging voltage: 16.8V

DL Series Electric Fishing Reel Batteries: The Perfect Combination of High Performance and Wide Compatibility
With the advancement of fishing gear technology, electric fishing reels have become indispensable tools for modern anglers. The performance of an electric fishing reel largely depends on the quality of its battery. The DL series electric fishing reel batteries have gained popularity in the market due to their exceptional performance and wide compatibility.

High-Performance Design
The DL series batteries are renowned for their high capacity and long endurance. Whether for everyday fishing or extended deep-sea operations, DL series batteries provide continuous power support. Their efficient charging technology further reduces charging wait times, allowing anglers to focus more on enjoying their fishing experience.

Durability and Lightweight Design
The DL series batteries are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the marine environment, such as saltwater corrosion and vibrations. The robust casing and internal structure ensure stable performance under extreme conditions. Additionally, the lightweight design makes these batteries easy to carry and install, reducing the burden during use.

Safety Assurance
Safety is a significant feature of the DL series batteries. They come equipped with multiple protection functions, including overcharge, over-discharge, and short-circuit protection, ensuring safety during use. These designs not only extend the battery’s lifespan but also ensure user safety.

Wide Compatibility
A major advantage of the DL series batteries is their wide compatibility. Here are some of the compatible models

Model Series 1:
Model Series 2:SB200J-L,SB270MM,SB300MJ,SB300MJ-L
Model Series 3:SB400MM,LB150,LB150-DH,LB270MM,LB300J,LB300MT
Model Series 4:15LB300J,MM300,14LB400,LB400,HT400F
Model Series 5:Daiwa Hyper Tanacom 500FE,Daiwa 750 Tanacom
Model Series 6:Megatwin Seaborg 800MJ Angelrolle
Model Series 7:Tanacom Bbull 750 Reel 4000 & 9000 Forsemaster
Model Series 8:Reel Daiwa Leobritz s500j
Model Series 9:Daiwa TANACOM 750